Mayor of London & Gnewt Cargo Electric Vehicle Trial

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The Mayor of London and Gnewt Cargo (electric delivery specialists) secured funding from Innovate UK in 2017 to run a commercial electric vehicle trial. The trial is set to run until the end of May 2019 and will evaluate the performance, impact and commercial viability of using electric vehicles for last-mile deliveries in central London. 

Find out more about the trial here.

Baseline report

This report describes the baseline data established for the trial. It details the findings from analysis carried out on the data collected from existing (non-trial) electric vehicles operating within the Gnewt Cargo fleet (Renault Kangoo and Nissan eNV200). Baseline data was also collected using hired diesel vehicles to make comparisons between the various vehicle types (diesel, non-trial electric and trial electric).

A range of environmental, economic and other key performance indicators (KPIs) data was collected for two diesel comparator vehicles (Fiat Ducato and Nissan NV200). The next phase is collecting data from the trial electric vehicles, 15x ENV200 Nissan Maxi (from Voltia) and 4x Fiat e-Ducato.

Environment report

To demonstrate the pollutant savings from using electric vehicles instead of diesel, Gnewt Cargo used two conventional diesel vans (1x Nissan NV200 & 1x Fiat Ducato) over a one-month period to deliver goods. This report provides an assessment of the pollutants emitted from the diesel light goods vehicles (LGVs) over the duration of that month.

The fleet data collected during the trial from the LGVs (such as distance travelled) was used to provide the baseline.

Quarterly Air Quality Updates

These reports should be read as supplements to the Baseline Data Report.

Each report focuses on air pollutant savings each quarter, presented in terms of vehicle exhaust emissions of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and carbon dioxide.

Charging Infrastructure and Network Analysis Report

This report evaluates the performance and describes the charging requirements and the grid impact of the project trial. It also details early findings from the data collected on the existing fleet and trial vehicles.

Operational Costs and Emissions Benefits Assessment

This report provides an assessment of the relative operational costs and emission benefits of introducing electric LGVs across different scales.