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For an urban heat island map during a warm summer see this dataset.

This map shows the results of an ‘UrbClim’ simulation for the mean temperature at midnight during the summer of 2011 (May to September) at a resolution of 250m. This summer has been selected as a typical summer for a West-European city.

On average, the night-time temperature is approximately 4°C higher in the city centre. During some hot nights, even larger effects are observed.

UrbClim is an urban climate model designed to model and study the urban heat island effect (UHI) at a spatial resolution of a few hundred meters. This project was carried out by VITO as part of an EU-funded RAMSES programme on the urban impacts of climate change.

For more information about the model, please see the Technical Information and Interpretation report. Please direct any enquiries to Hans Hooyberghs ( or Koen De Ridder (


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