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The Decentralised Energy Master planning programme (DEMaP), was completed in October 2010. It included a heat mapping support package for the London boroughs to enable them to carry out high resolution heat mapping for their area.

To date, heat maps have been produced for 29 London boroughs with the remaining four boroughs carrying out their own data collection. All of the data collected through this process is also shown on the interactive heat map and through the reports below.

The London Heat Network Manual provides practical guidance to local authorities, energy services companies, developers and planners on the development and delivery of heat networks in London. It includes chapters on design, standards, construction, management and innovation of District Heating.

Carbon Calculator Tool

Arup have produced a Carbon Calculator Tool to assist projects in their early estimation of the carbon dioxide (CO2) savings which could be realised by a district heating scheme with different sources of heating.

The calculator's estimates include the impact of a decarbonising the electrical grid over time, based on projections by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, as well as the Government's Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).

The Excel-based tool can be downloaded here.


Borough Heat Maps Data

Heat map data can be downloaded from the links below:


Borough Heat Map Reports

The heat maps contain real heat consumption data for priority buildings such as hospitals, leisure centres and local authority buildings. As part of this work, each of the boroughs developed implementation plans to help them take the DE opportunities identified to the next stages. The implementation plans include barriers and opportunities, actions to be taken by the council, key dates, personnel responsible.

Click on any of the boroughs highlighted to see the heat mapping report, implementation plan and borough personnel who formed the steering group to produce the heat maps. 

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Other Useful Documents

Other useful documents can be downloaded from the links below:

Energy Masterplanning Manual 

Opportunities for Decentralised Energy in London - Vision Map

DEC Database (link to the CSE Website)


The DENet Pre-Feasibility Toolkit is being periodically updated. To get the newest release, please email to receive a copy.