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London Fire Brigade senior staff - gifts and hospitality register and expenses claimed UPDATED

Created 4 years ago, updated 7 months ago

Details of senior London Fire Brigade staff expenses claims and register of gifts and hospitality. Please note that postholders in the office shown in the data (e.g. Commissioner, Director) will change over time. It should not be assumed that historic data relates to current postholders; details of current postholders in the LFB top management structure are available here on the LFB website.

Senior staff are defined as those designated as a ‘head of service’ (assistant directors and assistant commissioners), plus Directors/Deputy Commissioners and the London Fire Commissioner.

Data is by financial year. Data is updated within a month of the quarter end. It is possible that items may be included in a subsequent financial year where the notification has been made close to the end of a previous financial year.

Sometimes an expense claim may relate to an event or travel where a sponsor has agreed to reimburse the LFB's costs. In such cases, there will be a corresponding entry in the register of gifts and hospitality.

Salary information for senior LFB staff is published annually here.

London Fire Commissioner (LFC) is the fire and rescue authority for London from 1 April 2018, and runs the London Fire Brigade.

NOTE: All data was republished on 18 May 2021 for the period up to 31 March 2021 (from 2014). There is a single file for data from 2014 to 31 March 2020, and a file for 2020/21 financial year (to end March). Data for expenses only for 2019/20, 2020/21 and 2021/22 was republished on 12 April 2022 to correct an under-reporting of expenses by senior officers; expenses incurred via the LFB's contractor handling the booking of travel and accommodation were previously missing from published data sets.

Data is published quarterly after end June, September, December and March for the current year; then republished as an annual data set after the year end.