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The most up-to-date information on London's economy, published by email every month. Each issue includes an overview of current economic conditions, the latest indicators and a supplement on a significant issue facing London.

The LET presence on DataStore aims to create more interaction and a greater personal focus for London’s Economy Today while also allowing for the incorporation of feedback and views from the readership.

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Nationwide Regional House Price Index (Quarterly since 1973) One of several indicators for house prices published on a quarterly basis. Nationwide External link

The Land Registry house price index (Quarterly since 1968).  Land Registry data External link



The unemployment rate. (Quarterly since Q2 1992) The unemployment rate measures the proportion of the economically active population (those in work plus those seeking and available to work) who were unemployed. Seasonally Adjusted.



London Underground Journeys (Monthly since 2006) including moving average and annual rate of growth

Bus Journeys (Monthly since 2006) including moving average and annual rate of growth

Passengers at London airports (Monthly since 1994) Monthly, and annual airport passenger figures including data from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead and London City airports. Cival Aviation Authority External link


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