London Business Survey 2014 - Business performance and outlook

Created 4 years ago, updated 4 years ago

The 2014 London Business Survey (LBS) is an innovative survey designed by the Office for National Statistics, on behalf of the London Enterprise Panel and the GLA. The survey collected information from a representative sample of private sector businesses in London in May-July 2014.

This dataset contains information on the performance and outlook of London businesses corresponding with Section 4 of the London Business Survey 2014: Main Findings report.

Information is provided on:

  • The turnover of London businesses

  • The change in turnover compared to 12 months ago

  • Whether London businesses are planning to grow

  • Expectations on the economic outlook for London and London businesses

As with any survey, the 2014 LBS is based on a sample and as such is subject to variability in the results. Care should therefore be taken in interpreting the survey findings. For all estimates, lower and upper limits of 95% confidence intervals are provided in the data files to assist with interpretation. The LBS results represent the population of business units in London. A business unit is defined as a site/workplace, which may also be a head office if the head office is in London. It will be the whole business in the case of businesses which only have one site, or part of the business in the case of multi-site firms.

The results are presented by enterprise size band and industry sector.