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This table shows whether people aged 16 or over have ever used or never used the internet by a range of variables such as age, ethnicity, pay, occupation, qualifications, and disability.

The question asked in the Labour Force Survey is "When did you last use the internet?" This question is only asked to people aged 16 and over. The first time this data was available was 2011 Q1.

At borough level the data showed ever used or never used. For London and Rest of UK the data is broken down by a range of indicators, including age, ethnic group, weekly pay, occupation levels, qualification levels, and economic activity.

The APS sampled around 333,000 people in the UK (around 27,000 in London). As such all figures must be treated with some caution.

Data was supplied directly by ONS under request from the Greater London Authority. Numbers rounded to the nearest thousand.

Other Internet Access data can be found on the ONS website. This is national data based on the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey.

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