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Housing Benefit Caseload by month (each May since 2009), by age group, employment status and tenure.
Housing Benefit claimant statistics are derived from the Single Housing Benefit Extract (SHBE). SHBE is compiled from monthly returns of housing benefit claimants from each individual local authority. Recording and clerical errors can occur within SHBE - for this reason, no reliance should be placed on very small numbers.

Based on the Local Authority that is responsible for administering the claimant's Housing Benefit. Note that caseloads for some LAs could be affected by missing or incomplete data.

The count of Housing Benefit claimants relates to claimants receiving a payment of at least 50 pence per week on the second Thursday in the month.
Passported benefits are benefits or schemes which some groups of people are entitled to because of their entitlement to certain benefits or tax credits.

Housing Benefit is paid to people to help pay your rent (social or private rent) for people on a low income. Housing Benefit can pay for part or all of the rent. How much is paid depends on income and circumstances. It can be claimed by people whether unemployed or working.

Data is available for MSOA, LSOA and Output Areas on the DWP stat-xplore site.

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