Financial and performance reporting 2017/18

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As part of the Mayor’s budget guidance to LFEPA for 2018/19, he requested that the Authority publish financial and performance monitoring for the current year (2017/18), and that this information should be available on our external website within 35 working days after each quarter end. The Mayor's budget guidance to LFEPA for 2018/19 can be found in a report to the LFEPA Resources Committee on 22 June 2017 (report FEP2733). Available on this web page (see item 7) - Report FEP2733. The Mayor has said that


as this process beds down the Mayor would expect the quality of the format and content to develop to reflect the requirements of users of the reports and to include both financial and performance information.

Financial monitoring is reported quarterly to the Authority's Resources Committee as follows:

Q1 (April to June 2017) - 20 September 2017

Q2 (July to September 2017) - 3 November 2017

Q3 (October to December 2017) - 16 March 2017

Performance monitoring, against performance indicators, is reported six monthly at end Q2 and Q4, as follows:

Six month to end Q2 -

Governance Performance and Audit Committee (service delivery) - 13 November 2017 
Resources Committee (back-office services) - 3 November 2017

Q4 (January to March 2018) - not yet programmed

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Financial Position as at the end of September 2017 Q2  (1.26 MB)
FEP2793 - Monitoring to end September 2017 of indicators 2017-18 Q2 - people/resources  (266.17 kB)
FEP2801 - Monitoring to end Sep 2017 of indicators 2017-18 Q2 - response/prevention  (862.9 kB)
Financial Position as at the end of June 2017 Q1  (395 kB)
Corporate performance digest Q1 (end June) 2017-18.pdf  (964.76 kB)

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