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Summary of average monthly rents in private rental market, recorded per 12 month rolling period.

Data updated bi-annually by local authority areas for England. These statistics used to be produced quarterly but since 2013 have been updated bi-annually in Q1 and Q3 only.

VOA note on these statistics: "The sample used to produce these statistics is not statistical and may not be consistent over time as such these data should not be compared across time periods or between areas."
This table only reflects the data available from the VOA and does not indicate level of statistical significance of the differences between areas or changes over time.

The release presents the mean (average), median, lower quartile, and upper quartile gross monthly rent paid (ignoring any adjustment for services not eligible for housing benefit), for a number of bedroom/room categories for each Local Authority (LA) in England for the 12 month period stated. Full set of local authority tables available on the VOA website.

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