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These datasets are for the London case study applying the PAS 2070 British Standard for the assessment of a city's greenhouse gas emissions. They include:
- the full case study datasets
- Source documentation: A summary of the source data and weblinks where data is publicly available.
- A verification report: Verifying that the case study is in compliance with the PAS 2070

Download data - Zip (7MB)

Link to Executive Summary
Link to full case study and PAS 2070 Standard

Source data which is not available publically elsewhere is also published on this page. This includes:
- Emissions Factors: 'Defra DECC 2012 GHG Conversion factors', 'Aviation Efs', and 'AFOLU'
- Railways B3: 'ORR 2013 Freight Moved'
- Navigation B3: 'DfT 2014 Sea Passengers 2010 London Ports' and 'DfT 2014 Sea Passengers 2010 Other Ports'
- Aviation B3: 'FlightGlobal 2013 aviation activity data 2010-2012'
- AFOLU D1/D2: 'R-AEA 2014 AFOLU'
- Waste E2: 'Thames Water Ofwat July 2010 Return', 'Thames Water Ofwat July 2010 Return Calculations'
- Consumption-Based Methodology: 'Leeds University Consumption-Based GHG Emissions of London Final Report' and 'Leeds University Consumption-Based GHG Emissions of London Data'  (6.49 MB)
  Greater London