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2021 Census release timetable

first results from the 2021 census, rounded  population and household estimates for local authorities were released on 28 June.

Phase 1 releases, called topic summaries, present breakdowns of single census questions. In most cases these include data down to Output Areas, but often in much less detail than in 2011. The full timetable is below.

These releases did not include data for wards, these were released on 30 January.

Demography and migration 2 November
UK armed forces veterans  10 November
Ethnic group, national identity, language and religion 29 November
Labour market and travel to work 8 December
Housing 5 January 2023
Sexual orientation and gender identity 6 January 2023
Education (Qualifications) 10 January 2023
Health, disability and unpaid care 19 January 2023

Phase 2 releases of multivariate data began in late March and continued through spring and summer 2023 with further ‘ad-hoc’ table releases.

Phase 3 releases including travel to work and migration flows, small populations and alternative bases will begin in September 2023.