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The Mayor of London The London Assembly

Reports and analysis

We conduct research ourselves or work with external partners to understand trends and opinions regarding policy issues. Here you will find our research reports across a range of policy topics.

Cost of living polling


Polling conducted since January 2022 on public attitudes and behaviours in relation to the cost of living crisis.

London at night: A survey of Londoners and night time workers

January 2023

Survey to understand the characteristics and experiences of night time work workers, as well as broader experiences of Londoners at night.

Wellbeing and Sustainability Measure for London: Understanding quality of life in the capital

May 2022

Qualitative research, through digital diaries and focus groups, to understand the most important aspects of quality of life for Londoners. This helped inform the development of the Wellbeing and Sustainability Measure.

Londoners’ awareness and understanding of retrofitting

February 2022

Qualitative research (focus groups) and polling to explore awareness and understanding of retrofitting, as well as willingness, motivations, and barriers to undertake retrofitting.

COVID-19 vaccine polling

January 2022

Polling conducted between November 2020 and January 2022 on Londoners’ attitudes towards the COVID-19 vaccine, including likelihood to take the vaccine.

Food access for night time workers

October 2021

Qualitative research (in-depth interviews) with staff who work night shifts in London hospitals, to explore the experiences of working at night, access to food during night shift, and ability to maintain a healthy diet.

Public attitudes towards violent crime in London

July 2021

Polling to understand Londoners’ attitudes towards violent crime, including a comparison with previous polling from July 2018.

Impact of the Brexit trade deal on London’s SMEs

April 2021

A survey of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in London to understand the immediate impact of Brexit and the trade deal on London’s SMEs, and to assess the appetite of SMEs to continue trading with the EU.

Adult learner polling

October 2020

Polling to explore Londoner’s experiences and views on adult learning, including a deep dive of carers and parents and those aged 50 and over.

COVID-19 polling

September 2020

Polling conducted between March 2020 and September 2020 on public attitudes and behaviours in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 online diaries

August 2020

An 8-week online qualitative diary to capture the views, behaviours and experiences of a sample of Londoners during the coronavirus pandemic, from mid-May to mid-July 2020.

The future of London’s high streets

July 2020

Qualitative research (including mobile ethnography) and polling with Londoners to explore public opinion towards high streets, including use and experiences of high streets (prior to COVID-19) as well as future aspirations.

Exploring London’s public realm

February 2020

Qualitative research and polling to explore Londoners’ perspectives of the public realm, including experiences and uses of public spaces, views on privately-owned public spaces, and the future of London’s public realm.