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The Mayor of London The London Assembly

Greater London Authority Grants

The GLA is a democratically elected strategic authority, comprising two distinct parts: the Mayor and Assembly. The Mayor is elected directly by Londoners, while the Assembly consists of 25 elected members (14 representing constituencies and the rest elected from party lists according to total London-wide vote). The Mayor of London sets the budget and is responsible for making London a better place for everyone who visits, lives or works in the city. The GLA does not have a central, annual grants funding process. All grants relate to particular projects and Mayoral priorities.

GLA Grants for Civic Society & Charitable purposes

July – December 2022

GLA Grants Addendum

Pre April 2022

GLA Grants

2013 – 2022

Royal Dock Grants

The Royal Docks Team is a multi-disciplinary team that brings together officers from across the Greater London Authority, the London Borough of Newham and the London Economic Action Partnership. Home to London’s only Enterprise Zone, the Royal Docks is one of the most significant regeneration projects in the UK. The team was established in 2017 to help deliver the cohesive transformation of the Royal Docks into a vibrant, mixed-use destination with culture and community at its heart.

Royal Docks grant data for civil society & charitable purposes

December 2022