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Disability Pay Gap

The pay gap between disabled and non-disabled workers within London, based on the median pay is estimated at 17 per cent in London and 15 per cent for the UK as a whole. While there is a degree of volatility in the data, due to sample sizes, overall, the trend in these figures suggests that the  figures have changed only a little over the seven years for which data is available, suggesting a marginal increase in the pay gap between disabled and non-disabled workers, but decreasing again in the most recent year. While there is no consistent pattern in the difference between London and the other regions of the UK, the London ethnicity pay gap appears to be larger than that for the UK as a whole in most years.

Trying to understand or explain these data needs further analysis by age and gender. In particular, older workers are more likely to have a disability affecting their work than younger workers, but wages tend to rise as older workers have more experience and responsibility. The data are not sufficiently robust to investigate this complexity.

The disability pay gaps across the GLA group vary considerably. The GLA has published theirs on the GLA website, while the disability pay gaps for other GLA group organisations can be found on theirs.