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With around 40-45,000 apprenticeship starts a year over the last few years, London provides a relatively small number of apprenticeships compared with other regions – only the North East of England has had fewer overall, though it is a much smaller region. The number increased sharply across all regions in 2010, but has been lower in London and England as a whole in the last two years.

The data cannot be presented as proportions, so comparisons between areas are difficult, but one reason for the lower numbers in London might be the relatively high proportion of London workers with degrees and other higher level qualifications.

Most apprenticeships last between one and four years, so starts and completions in any year may be different individuals. Taking this into account, it appears that achievements are around half the number of starts, though achievements appear much lower in the latest year’s data. There could be a number of reasons for this, such as the number of starts in the previous year was a little lower, but this does not explain all of the differences. Other possible reasons might include more apprenticeships at higher levels, so taking longer to complete, people moving into other jobs before the apprenticeship is completed or simply finding that the role is not suitable.