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  • Updated 11 days ago

    Public Transport Journeys by Type of Transport

    Transport for London (TfL)
    Number of journeys on the public transport network by TFL reporting period, by type of transport. Data is broken down by bus, underground, DLR, tram, Overground and cable car. Period lengths are different in periods 1 and 13, and the data is not adjusted to account for that. Docklands Light Railway journeys are based on automatic passenger counts at stations. Overground and Tram journeys are based on automatic on-carriage passenger cou...
  • Updated 15 days ago

    Transport Crime in London

    Transport for London (TfL)
    Number of crimes and crime rate by type of public transport, including bus, LU / DLR, London Overground, and London Tramlink. Monthly data released 3 months at a time at end of each quarter. The BTP is responsible for policing the rail network in London, including the TfL managed London Underground (LU), the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), London Tramlink and the London Overground (LO) services. Crime figures for the LU, DLR, London Tra...
  • Updated a year ago

    Number of Buses by Type of Bus in London

    Transport for London (TfL)
    Number of buses in the TFL fleet by type of bus in London. The fleet size varies slightly from year to year in relation to the placing of route contracts. The hydrogen fuel cell buses are also hybrid.
  • Updated 4 years ago

    Transport for London passenger journeys

    Transport for London (TfL)
    Data provided by Transport for London on journeys undertaken by underground and bus. The data are provided on the basis of 13 periods per year and are adjusted for odd days. Series shown include moving averages to analyse longer term trends.
  • Updated 5 years ago

    TFL Complaints Reports

    Transport for London (TfL)
    Publication of first Complaints Report demonstrates increasing transparency, a key Mayoral commitment. The report sets out main areas of customer complaints and steps being taken to address them. The first TfL Complaints Report for 2011/12 was published as part of the Commissioner's report to the TfL board held on 20 September. Complaints rates are stated per 100,000 journeys. Data is broken down by Santander Cycle Hi...
  • Updated 5 years ago

    TfL Live Bus Arrivals API

    Transport for London (TfL)
    TfL Live bus arrivals (released in October 2011), is the largest real-time bus arrival information system in the world. It allows customers to view live arrival information for the 19,000 bus stops in London via web, mobile web and SMS. This API gives registered developers access to a scalable feed of the same real-time data used by the online Live bus arrival service. Note: Using unsupported channels to source the data severely affec...
  • Created 5 years ago

    Bus Use and Supply Data 1999-2022

    Transport for London (TfL)
    Data and technical analysis for London Assembly Transport Committee report on bus services in London (October 2013). The technical analysis published in support of the Transport Committee's report on bus services in London includes: - the number of bus passenger journeys in London compared to rest of England for 2004/5-2012/13; - annual actual and forecast bus passenger journeys and bus kilometres operated for 1999-2022; - number of...