Use of Force Dataset

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Historical figures in this dataset are subject to change each month

This is due to incident forms being filled in for incidents that have happened in past months


Recording of Use of Force was introduced in April 2017. As such data prior to April 2017 is not comparable.


Figures are updated and reconciled each month form the start of each FY to the latest completed month. 


Counting Rules 

  • Each row set represents use of force by an officer on one subject. This row set is not a count of incident . Where more than one officer has used force on the same subject, this will be shown on separate rows of data. As such this will result in duplicate metadata. Further consideration needs to be taken when analysing this data to ensure correct conclusions are drawn. For example if 2 officers use force on an individual who happens to be male aged 18-34 this will be shown on 2 rows of data. Hence, if grouping the data, you would have a count of 2x males and 2x 18-34 which would be incorrect.
  • If the same Non CED Taser tactic is used more than once in an incident it is only counted once.
  • Where the tactic of use was CED Taser, only the use of highest severity is counted. So, if a taser was drawn and fired only the instance of it being fired will be counted.
  • Taser Use Severity Level (highest to lowest)
  • 1 CED (Taser) angle drive stun
  • 2 CED (Taser) fired
  • 3 CED (Taser) drive stun
  • 4 CED (Taser) arced
  • 5 CED (Taser) red-dotted
  • 6 CED (Taser) aimed
  • 7 CED (Taser) drawn

Data includes incidents that have taken place Out of Force area.

  Greater London