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The London Fire Brigade attends a range of non-fire incidents (which we call 'special services'). These 'special services' include releasing people trapped in lift cars, which we call 'shut in lift releases' (or sometimes called 'lift entrapments'. Lift releases (or entrapments) do not include incidents where a person(s) is trapped in lift machinery. These lift releases will be to buildings which are apartment blocks as well as commercial and public buildings.

We routinely get asked for information about the number of such incidents attended by the Brigade, particularly at specific addresses, and this data is published on the London Datastore to assist those who require it. This is a complete list of this type of incident attended (for the period specified below). If you are looking for a particular building/address and this does not appear in the list, you can assume that the Brigade has not attended a 'shut in lift' release at the address.

The data is provided for three calendar years (36 months) and is updated monthly. A range of information is supplied for each incident including some location information (postcode, borough, ward), as well as the data/time of the incident.

The London Fire Commissioner is the fire and rescue authority for London and runs the London Fire Brigade.

The first data set was published on Tuesday 7 September 2021.