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Amount charged by Registered Social Landlord (Private Registered Provider (PRP)) Average Weekly Rents for social housing.
Data is collected by the Housing Corporation via the annual Regulatory and Statistical Return (RSR) based on general needs stock only.

Figures are based on only the larger Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) completing the long form. Upto 2006 the threshold for completing the long form was that the RSL owned/ managed at least 250 units/bedspaces. From 2007 this increased to 1,000 units/bedspaces.

The districts, unitary authorities and counties listed above are based on 1 April 1998 boundaries. Figures for any 'new' re-organised areas have been estimated retrospectively applying the new boundaries back to 1997 and making appropriate assumptions.

Note that the average RSL rents within a local authority area can move down from one year to the next. This is especially true if, during the latest year, most of the LA stock has been transferred through a large-scale voluntary transfer to the RSL sector.

Larger housing associations report the rent they charge in the HCA’s Statistical Data Return.

Data in spreadsheet includes average weekly rents for housing association general needs properties by number of bedrooms, in London by borough (stock owned by larger associations only).

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