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Number of Registered Social Landlord dwellings.

Note: from 2002 the figures in this table are not comparable to those in the main dwelling stock table because the stock figures from 2002 in this table include social rent bedspaces as well as social rent self-contained units; the main dwelling stock tables are based on self-contained units only. Data based on data collected by the Housing Corporation via the annual Regulatory and Statistical Return (RSR) and presents stock for general needs social housing rental stock and for supported housing and/or housing for older people housing stock.

Note that stock figures from 1997 to 2001 are based on counts of self-contained units only. From 2002 the stock figures include self-contained units and bedspaces. From 2005 there was some general needs stock was reclassified as supported stock. This may have resulted in some of the older person stock being counted as bed spaces rather than self contained units.

The districts, unitary authorities and counties listed above are based on 1 April 1998 boundaries. Figures for any "new" re-organised areas have been estimated retrospectively applying the new boundaries back to 1997, making appropriate assumptions for any county re-organisation which involved cutting across districts.

Numbers can increase dramatically from one year to another as a result of Large Scale Voluntary Transfers from local authority stock. Decreases are usually the result of sales or demolitions.

Data on dwelling stock from DCLG website

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