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Number of Licences in force at year end (31 March).

The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has policy responsibility in Government for licensing law relating to the sale of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment and the provision of late night refreshment in England and Wales under the Licensing Act 2003 (the 2003 Act).

The Act came into force on 24th November 2005.

The new regimes from the 2003 Act were to be run by a single Licensing Authority (LA) in each area (mainly local authorities).

This dataset provides data on Alcohol, Entertainment and Late Night Refreshment Licensing. It covers on and off sales, sporting events, live music and recorded music.

Responsibility for this data split in 2011, between the Home Office and DCMS. DCMS now only cover the entertainment licensing and the data for that can be found on their website. The Alcohol and late night licensing data can be found on the Home Office site.

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