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This report contains all Right of Access (Data Protection Act 2018) requests received by the Metropolitan Police Service and logged on our corporate logging system since May 2018. In addition, there is information on Subject Access Requests (Data Protection Act 1998) received after 01/01/2015 up to the introduction of the 2018 Act. There is also information on Appeals and complaints from January 2015 onwards covering both the 1998 and 2018 legislation.

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) recommend that organisations publish their own performance in answering Subject Access/Right of Access Requests on a quarterly basis. This report is our response to that recommendation.

Counting Rules

One submission from a member of the public will count as one request. Multiple submissions from the same person on different dates for different data will be counted as multiple requests.

The data used in the MPS Right of Access Performance Dashboard is available here Right of access performance dashboard | Metropolitan Police , along with the related data definitions. Please note that, this data set running quarterly behind with quarterly update.

Due to an internal IT deployment, from 27th February these datasets may be temporarily disrupted. Work is ongoing to rebuild these datasets.