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London Underground records temperatures across the Underground in order to inform our cooling initiatives.

Platform temperatures on the deep Tube are routinely monitored using data loggers. Average monthly evening peak temperatures since 2013 are provided on this page.

We are investing millions as part of a long-term programme to ensure we can deliver more services, and continue to introduce new trains to meet growing customer numbers whilst providing more comfortable journeys. We have implemented energy efficient solutions on new trains, which saves energy and reduces the heat generated. We have also removed heat from our station and tunnel environment by installing new ventilation or cooling solutions.

On the Central line we have installed solar reflective material on the external surface of train roofs and solar reducing films on windows to minimise solar gains into the carriages.

On the Victoria line we have doubled the capacity of thirteen ventilation shafts, which provide more air flow, as well as introduced regenerative braking (which returns power to the rails while the train is braking) on the new trains. We have also installed air cooling units and mechanical chillers at some key busy stations, such as Oxford Circus, and have been using groundwater underneath Victoria Tube station to provide cooling to the platforms. We are similarly using water from the aquifer underneath Green Park to provide cooling for that Tube station. In addition, we have upgraded existing ventilation fans and installed new fans at a number of stations across the network.

As part of this work to make customer journeys more comfortable, we are also working to reduce temperatures inside carriages. 192 new air-conditioned trains are now in operation on the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines.

Note: Sub-surface lines are the Circle, Hammersmith & City, District and Metropolitan lines.