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The Dedicated Ward Officer Abstraction dataset contains aggregated data to Team level, showing the number of minutes of abstractions for each team on a per month basis. The following fields are included in the dataset:

·      Month

·      BCU

·      Borough

·      Borough Code

·      Team

·      Abstracted from Duty

·      Abstraction Type

·      Abstracted Minutes

Counting Rules:

All Activity for Dedicated Ward Officers is queried, and within those activities, each activity type is classified as either an Abstraction Activity or a Non Abstraction Activity. The data is then grouped by Month, BCU, Borough, Team and Abstraction type, and the total duration the officers spent on this abstraction type is summed.

We describe an abstraction as any activity where the officer is on duty but taking part in activity that is outside of their normal role.

Figures are updated and reconciled each month and contain a rolling 48 Months of data.

Due to an internal IT deployment, from 27th February these datasets may be temporarily disrupted. Work is ongoing to rebuild these datasets.