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Clean Air Consultation – July 2016

Created 4 years ago, updated 4 years ago

On his election in 2016, the Mayor committed to a large scale consultation on a range of actions to address poor air quality in London. Measures under consideration include implementing the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in 2019 rather than 2020, expanding the boundaries of the ULEZ, and introducing an Emissions Surcharge on the most polluting vehicles driving in central London from 2017. In addition the Mayor has committed to cleaning up London bus fleets, using air quality alerts, and exploring options for a diesel scrappage scheme.

This report and associated data sets out the results from the Stage 1 consultation, which will inform Transport for London’s further consultation in the Autumn.


Technical Details 

 Talk London Clean Air Survey – approximately 15,000 responses. Fieldwork from 5-29 July 2016.

 TNS Research Clean Air Survey – Identical questionnaire to Talk London Clean Air survey. 1,000 sample, representative of the London population by age, gender, ethnicity, plus boosted sample of 650 Londoners in Inner London. Fieldwork from 7-29 July 2016.

 TNS T-Charge Poll – A survey of 1,000 Londoners, representative of the London population by age, gender, ethnicity was commissioned to understand Londoners’ perceptions of a potential charge on the most polluting vehicles. Fieldwork 9-14 June 2016.

 A number of Londoners responded to the consultation outside the survey and discussions on Talk London, for example by writing to/emailing TfL and the Mayor. These have been collated, read, included in qualitative analysis slides in the consultation report.