Assessment of Local Risks

Created 3 months ago, updated 3 months ago

The LFB's Assessment of Local Risks (AoLR) is a public facing document, designed to help increase the understanding of how risk (from fire and other emergencies) in London has changed over time and how different elements combine together to give a picture of risk.

The AoLR is not the only process the LFB uses to determine and provide its services, but it does give a high level overview which can be used to understand the basic concepts of fire cover and the steps the LFB are taking to make people safe. The Assessment of Local Risks is updated annually as new data becomes available.

The Brigade sets out how its prevention, protection and response activities will best be used to mitigate the impact of risk on communities in its Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP). The Brigade’s IRMP is known as the London Safety Plan (LSP). The latest LSP covers the four year period from April 2017 to March 2021 and is available here. Previous LSPs are available on the LFB web site here. The methodology used for the Assessment of Local Risks will be reviewed as part of the preparations for the next London Safety Plan (to run from April 2021).

Ward level data is also published on this page for the current AoLR (in XLS and CSV formats). This data underpins a postcode look-up tool available on the LFB web site here.