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The London Fire Brigade attends a range of non-fire incidents (which we call 'special services'). These 'special services' include assistance to animals that may be trapped or in distress.

We routinely get asked for information about the number of such incident attended by the London Fire Brigade and this data is published on the London Datastore to assist those who require it.

The data is provided from January 2009 and isupdated monthly. A range of information is supplied for each incident including some location information (postcode, borough, ward), as well as the data/time of the incidents. We do not routinely record data about animal deaths or injuries.

Please note that any cost included is a notional cost calculated based on the length of time rounded up to the nearest hour spent by Pump, Aerial and FRU appliances at the incident and charged at the current Brigade hourly rate.

The London Fire Commissioner is the fire and rescue authority for London and runs the London Fire Brigade.