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This data pack provides an epidemiological analysis of Serious Youth Violence and related assaults (SYV) in London using multi-agency data to help inform a public health approach to prevent and reduce serious violence affecting young people in London.

  • sets the demographic context of London’s young population
  • describes the nature and scale of violence affecting people under the age of 25 in London
  • identifies links between violence and public health factors at a borough-level in London.

This data pack was a refresh of the data pack produced in October 2018 to support the over-arching written report, “Progressing a Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention and Reduction”. Both previous documents have been attached. There is also a full list of the emergency services, social care, and health care data variables utilised in the correlational analysis. Lastly, as appended below, there is a summary document which summarises the content of the other attachments, as well as identifying the main differences between the two data packs.