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Volunteer at City Hall’s next Data Surgery

On July 24, the Greater London Authority will host it’s next Data Surgery for Civil Society organisations looking for support and guidance to get the most out of their data.

We are looking for data scientists, analysts, statisticians and researchers who would be willing to volunteer for a couple of hours and share their expertise with charities.

Volunteers would need to be able to commit to a 2 hour, 1-2-1 session, between 9am and 1pm on Wednesday 24 July at City Hall, Conference Room 1.

These sessions will create an opportunity for charities to learn some practical skills and/or get feedback on their approach to data, and for volunteers to learn more about the important work that takes place in communities.

Organisations attending have been asked to think about challenges their organisations face when considering data and to bring along any particular projects or problems they are working on. We will aim to match volunteers with organisations based on the information you share with us.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill in this form by 12 July.

If you’re not sure this volunteering opportunity it for you, have a read of some testimonials from volunteers who have taken part previously…

A great opportunity to meet fellow professionals and learn more about charities, developing a greater appreciation for their challenges.’

‘Working in pairs helped a lot – combining people with slightly different skills worked well as a lot of challenges for charities are complex.’