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The Possibilities of Real Time Data

We are looking forward to hosting our seminar The Possibilities of Real Time Data on Monday 19 April and still have some tickets left if anyone wants to attend. Its free so just email if you want to come along.

Paul Clarke will be moderating the Twitter Feed on the morning and anyone interested in joining the conversation can do so by using our hashtag #prtd.

Releasing public data is now a global initiative and we hope that this London Datastore event will be an opportunity to highlight what could happen for London if all government data was released.

The event provides an opportunity to showcase the work of Professor Carlo Ratti of MIT with examples of work he has undertaken globally using both mobile phone and transport data.

Bryan Sivak CTO of Washington DC will talk about his experiences of what can happen when you release public data and the improvements that can happen in service provision as a result.

The morning will also offer an opportunity to see the work of London based developers including Christopher Osborne of ITO World a London based company who provide online presentation, analysis and data management services to the transport sector with an emphasis on public transport and sustainable personal travel.

London based developers Chris Thorpe and Toby Barnes will profile their online game Chromaroma which shows subscribers their movements and location as they swipe their Oyster Cards in and out of the Tube.  Chromaroma connects communities of people who cross paths and routes on a regular basis, and encourages people to make new journeys and use public transport in a different way by exploring new areas and potentially using different modes of public transport

The Possibilities of Real Time Data builds on the London Datastore initiative to release all of London’s public sector data with the aim of stimulating innovative and creative uses to make the lives of Londoners better. We do hope that you can join us for the event.

We would like to thank 4iP for sponsoring the event.