Welcome to the DataStore

The London DataStore is  a free and open data-sharing portal  where anyone can access data relating to the capital.  Whether you’re a citizen, business owner, researcher or developer, the site provides over 500 datasets to help you understand the city and develop solutions to London’s problems.Please do have a look around, and let us know what you think.

We are proud to be the winners of the 2015 ODI Open Data Publisher Award.

City Data

Data for LondonWe have launched a City Data Strategy for London. Around 6 main strategy themes and the creation of a city data market, we chart a course which will put data at the heart of innovation, service modernisation, and creating a better London.


There are numerous examples illustrating how data is being used to properly drive policy to enhance the lives of Londoners, create new businesses and answer city problems. Delve into our box of Case Studies.


Climathon City ChallengesThe GLA are supporting a 24-hour hackathon-style climate change event being organised by Climate-KIC. How can we reduce the impact of poor air quality? Reduce London’s emissions? Grow food in London’s open spaces? Are just some of challenges being tackled using data from the London Datastore.


A step closer to city-wide analyticsThis month Nesta is launching a programme of work in London in partnership with the GLA. This is a 100 day pilot with volunteer local authorities in London to prove that city-scale data analytics can help inform interventions. Read the blog here.


Participants in the London Data ecosystem are numerous and varied. Not all of can be mentioned here, but chief among them are… [Read More…].

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