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    HBAI Poverty in London 2012-13

    GLA Update 13-2014: Poverty in London
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    Number of Bicycle Hires

    Total number of hires of the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme, by day, month and year. Data for each day since the launch on 30 July 2010.
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    London Borough Profiles

    These profiles help paint a general picture of an area by presenting a range of headline indicator data in both spreadsheet and map form to help show statistics covering...
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    Ward Profiles and Atlas

    The ward profiles and ward atlas provide a range of demographic and related data for each ward in Greater London. They are designed to provide an overview of the population in...
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    LSOA Atlas

    The LSOA atlas provides a summary of demographic and related data for each Lower Super Output Area in Greater London. The average population of an LSOA in London in 2010 was...
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    GLA Affordable Housing Programme Outturn

    The files below provide the affordable housing statistics for GLA funded programmes. The GLA is committed to open and transparent reporting and will publish statistics relating...
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    ONS Mid-Year Population Estimates - Custom Age Tables

    Excel Age-Range creator for Office for National Statistics (ONS) Mid year population estimates (MYE) covering each year between 1999 and 2013 These files take into account...
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    2013 round household projections

    The 2013 round of projections included the following household projection variants: Three variants of trend-based projection (Central, High, Low) that used different...
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    Public Transport Journeys by Type of Transport

    Number of journeys on the public transport network by TFL reporting period, by type of transport. Data is broken down by bus, underground, DLR, tram, Overground and cable car....
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    GLA Population Projections - Custom Age Tables

    Excel age range creator for GLA Projections data This Excel based tool enables users to query the raw single year of age data so that any age range can easily be calculated...
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    2013 round population projections

    The 2013 round of projections featured a large number of variants including: Three variants of trend-based projection (Central, High, Low) that used different migration...
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    Excel Mapping Template for London Boroughs, and Wards

    Have you ever wanted to create a quick thematic map of London but lacked the GIS skills or software to do it yourself? These free mapping tools from the GLA Intelligence Unit...
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    London Crime - A National Picture

    As part of the quarterly release of Crime data and trends by the Office for National Statistics, data is released aggregated at police force level for the most recent rolling 12...
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    Global City Data

    A range of indicators for a selection of cities from the New York City Global City database. Dataset includes the following: Geography City Area (km2) Metro Area (km2)...
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    Global City Population Estimates

    Population of Urban Agglomerations with 750,000 Inhabitants or More in 2011, by city, 1950-2025 (thousands). Data for 633 cities contained in the Excel file. Note: Each country...
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    2013 round ethnic group population projections

    For the 2013 round, two sets of ethnic group projections were produced: the first consistent with the published Central trend-based population projection, and the second with...
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    London Labour Market Indicators

    Latest London Region Data and trends for a number of core indicators of the health of London's labour market. Download the London data in an Excel file Latest core...
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    Busiest Airports by Passenger Traffic

    Top 30 world's busiest airports by international passenger traffic and top 50 world's busiest airports by passenger traffic. Data are measured by total passengers (data from...
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    Population by Nationality

    This table shows resident population of London broken down by nationality, showing data for London's largest communities in 2004, and 2008 to 2012. Also shows the percentage of...
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    GLA Key Performance Indicators

    The Business Plan 2013/14 established for the first time a suite of GLA Key Performance Indicators (KPI) closely linked to Mayoral priorities. These statistics show KPI...
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