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    London Underground Performance Reports

    TFL's key London Underground performance measures (since May-11). The key measures of underground performance contained in the Excel spreadsheet are: Total operated kilometres,...
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    Interim London Energy and Greenhouse Gas Inventory (LEGGI) 2013

    The London Energy and Greenhouse Gas Inventory (LEGGI) 2013 shows greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption for London. This is an interim version of the LEGGI 2013, which...
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    London's Economy Today

    The most up-to-date information on London's economy, published by email every month. Each issue includes an overview of current economic conditions, the latest indicators and a...
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    LFEPA Expenditure Over £250

    Payments over £250 made by London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority as part of the Government's transparency agenda. As of November 2012 the threshold for expenditure has...
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    ONS 2014 mid-year population estimates: London analysis

    This Update from the GLA Intelligence Unit analyses the ONS 2014 mid-year population estimates and associated components of change focussing on London and comparing these to ONS...
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    Internal migration flows - school age children visualisation

    ONS internal migration estimates have been used to create two visualisations showing in-, out- and net flows of school age children at a borough and region level for mid-year 2009...
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    London Reservoir Levels

    Table showing daily Reservoir levels in London since 1989 as percentage of usable or deployable capacity in the Lower Lee Group and Lower Thames Group reservoirs. Usable or...
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    Migration indicators

    This is the main page for migration indicator related data and reports. The following are included as part of this work: * Internal migration * International migration -...
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    Bromley Healthcare Community Appointments

    A dataset contain annoymised information relating to appointments with Bromley Healthcare's services.  The dataset includes information relating to the appointments (such as...
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    Vehicles Seen in the Congestion Charge Zone by Month

    Vehicles seen in the Congestion Charge Zone by month since July 2010. Total number of unique vehicles seen in the Congestion Charge Zone during charging hours. The count is of...
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