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    London Schools Atlas

    The London Schools Atlas is an innovative interactive online map of London providing a uniquely detailed and comprehensive picture of London schools, current patterns of...
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    2014 round population projections

    Four variants of local authority level population projections and one ward-level projection are available: • Trend-based projections based on short-term (five year) trends...
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    Housing Zones

    The Mayor's London Housing Strategy introduced the idea of Housing Zones, a new initiative to accelerate housing delivery in areas with high development potential. More...
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    Characteristics of Commuters

    Detailed 2011 Census origin-destination data allow analysis of the personal characteristics of workers who commute into London. This dataset also contains information on average...
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    London Output Area Classification

    The ability to understand the characteristics of an area and its population is crucial to decision making. At a time of constrained finances across all sectors of service...
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    Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Borough

    Carbon Dioxide Emission Estimates. Local and Regional CO2 Emissions Estimates for 2005-2010 plus, subset data of CO2 emissions within the scope of influence of Local Authorities...
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    Public Transport Journeys by Type of Transport

    Number of journeys on the public transport network by TFL reporting period, by type of transport. Data is broken down by bus, underground, DLR, tram, Overground and cable car....
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    Population by Country of Birth

    This table shows resident population broken down into country of birth, showing data for London's largest communities (over 10,000 people) in 2004, and 2008 to 2014 from the...
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    London Datastore Catalogue

    Datastore catalogue files showing every dataset and resource entry on the London datastore. Files includes all metadata. File represents a live snapshot of content and is...
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    Vehicles Seen in the Congestion Charge Zone by Month

    Vehicles seen in the Congestion Charge Zone by month since July 2010. Total number of unique vehicles seen in the Congestion Charge Zone during charging hours. The count is of...
    • Greater London

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