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    Clean Air Consultation – July 2016

    On his election in 2016, the Mayor committed to a large scale consultation on a range of actions to address poor air quality in London. Measures under consideration include...
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    Westminster's City Plan - Strategic Policies (Adopted November 2013)

    The geodatabase contains all strategic planning policy designations, as shown on Westminster's current Policies Map. Please refer to metadata for further information.
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    Internal migration flows - school age children visualisation

    ONS internal migration estimates have been used to create two visualisations showing in-, out- and net flows of school age children at a borough and region level for mid-year 2002...
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    Migration indicators

    This is the main page for migration indicator related data and reports. The following are included as part of this work: * Internal migration * International migration -...
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    London Employability Performance Rating (EPR) guidance and tools

       In order to receive a rating, providers will be required to enter their data in the Employability Performance Rating Calculator (EPRC); this can be downloaded from the link...
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    Employment Rate, Region

    Number and percentage of residents aged 16-64 who are in employment by sex (000's) (Seasonally adjusted), for rolling quarters since 1992 by region and country. The figures in...
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    Unemployment Rate, Region

    Unemployment numbers and rates for those aged 16 or over. The unemployed population consists of those people out of work, who are actively looking for work and are available to...
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    Number of Bicycle Hires

    Total number of hires of the Santander Cycle Hire Scheme, by day, month and year. Data for each day since the launch on 30 July 2010.
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    London Fire Brigade - fleet list

    The London Fire Brigade operates a large number of emergency (operational) and non-operational vehicles. There are regular Freedom of Information requests asking for the details...
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    London Heat Map

    The Decentralised Energy Master planning programme (DEMaP), was completed in October 2010. It included a heat mapping support package for the London boroughs to enable them to...
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