A better way to measure household income in London

21ST MAY 2014

London’s a city of ...

How do perceptions of society compare between London and Europe?

30TH JULY 2013

The recently released European Quality of Life survey reveals a fascinating picture of how Londoners view their lives and society, and enables a comparison with other places in Europe. It is possible to compare London with other ...

How can we explain levels of happiness and well-being of Londoners?

8TH MAY 2013

Unemployment, poor health, loneliness, and poor access to housing – are these the reasons why Londoners have lower well-being?

London Ward Well-Being Scores - 2012 edition (Blog)


These ward level well-being probability scores present a single combined measure of well-being indicators of the resident population based on 12 ...

First Release of Census Data

3RD JULY 2012

The ONS will release the first data from the 2011 Census on Monday 16th July at 11am. The data will include an estimate of the number of males and females by single-year of age for England and Wales and and an estimate of the ...

Free Data Visualisation Tool from the GLA

27TH JUNE 2012

Do you have different datasets for which you'd like to get an overall idea of what they’re telling you but don’t have the time or Excel skills to do it? The Multi-Dataset Index Tool will solve your ...

Free London Mapping Tool from GLA

23RD MAY 2012

Have you ever wanted to create a quick thematic map of London but lacked the GIS skills or software to do it yourself?

The GLA Intelligence Unit have created some free mapping tools that allow the user to input their own borough data to ...

Time of the Week: Ambulance Data from

19TH MARCH 2012

The Strategic Crime Analysis Team (SCAn), in the GLA Intelligence Unit uncover new sources of data about violent crime (often unreported to the police), so to make it more accessible and useable for local services, developers and analysts. This ...

Using public data to tackle fuel poverty - can you help?

13TH MARCH 2012

Fuel poverty affects 560,000 households in London.  In those households, people struggle to heat their homes adequately and as a result many thousands of people live in cold homes which put them at risk of serious ill-health, educational ...

Street Crime Data from


Analysis by Stephen Forgan The Strategic Crime Analysis Team (SCAn) in the GLA Intelligence Unit have been looking at ways to make data on more accessible and useable for local services, ...