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The Mayor of London The London Assembly
The London Landscape is an ambitious joint project with the Mayors Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) to map and make available over 150 London crime, demographic and socio-economic datasets in an interactive easy-to-use online format.

The primary use of the London Landscape is to allow analysts, policy and public safety professionals a wider understanding of the profiles of the communities in which they work, and the potential drivers and influencers of the various crime and public safety measures with which the professionals work. Data that is down to ward level allows the potential identification of drivers of borough performance; whilst data that covers up to ten years historically, and in some cases 25 years into the future, enables planning decisions based on long-term trends.

Themes of the datasets included are Emergency Services, Education & Qualifications, Ethnicity & Origin, Financial & Economic, Health, Population, and Transport, with a current list of indicators and their full metadata (ie. sources and caveats) linked from the front page below. Guides for the Landscape around the use of its data and the tool itself, as well as a YouTube walkthrough are also linked from the same page.

The data behind the London Landscape is collated, calculated and manipulated in the open source software R, with guidance written to assists users in replicating the process here.

The London Landscape can be accessed directly within this page below, and for further information or any queries please contact

The London Landscape forms part of a suite of crime, policing and justice reporting dashboards produced by MOPAC, more of which can be found here.