London Office of Data Analytics

The London Office of Data Analytics (LODA) was set up by the Mayor of London. Its two main purposes are to:

  1. Strengthen London’s approach to data management and sharing; so that
  2. The value of data can be maximised and we can advance the use of data science in the capital.

There are simple reasons why we need to do this.

From schools places, to urban mobility, social care and energy, there are shared problems and opportunities to be found across London’s varied communities. These may take on a slightly different form in each place, but they all tend to pay little heed to the operational boundaries that do separate public services. Tackling challenges together, sharing new forms of data and using data science techniques can deliver significant impact in the form of:

  1. Data-driven services for citizens, designed and commissioned around their needs;
  2. Efficiency gains for public services; and
  3. Fresh insight into how broader urban challenges like air quality can be tackled using new technology.

Perhaps most importantly though, LODA is about changing culture, and creating the conditions in which we can be greater than the sum of our parts and in which we do things once, and well. This is about making sure that the data science talent that exists within London’s public services is used to maximum effect, and that capacity and knowledge from the wider data ecosystem is applied in a way that delivers benefit to all. Doing data science well for us means making a difference to city policy, city services and peoples’ lives.

Supported by the GLA’s Intelligence Unit, and using the London Datastore as a ‘front door’ LODA is each of a collaborative and convening environment in which data science projects are tested, formed and executed; a place to learn (through our City Data Academy); and somewhere to find practical advice and proactive support.

True to the ‘open approach‘ taken since the launch of the London Datastore in 2010, wherever we can we will develop our projects in the open, share our algorithmic code and use open and common standards.

LODA is where data science partnerships – involving public services, civil society, academia, small and large businesses, anybody who has contribution to make – come to life and strengthen London’s position as a global leader in data.