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Crime and Community Safety goods
  • Updated a month ago

    LFB electronic Purchasing Card Solution (ePCS) transactions

    London Fire Brigade
    Payments (of any value) using electronic purchasing card solution (ePCS); the ePCS has replaced the government procurement card (GPC), made by the London Fire Brigade as required to be published by the government's Local Government Transparency Code 2015. Data is published quarterly. LFB does not currently make extensive use of the ePCS. The London Fire Commissioner is the fire authority for Greater London and runs the London Fire Briga...
  • Updated 2 years ago

    LFB/LFEPA payments over £250 - 2016/17 and earlier years

    London Fire Brigade
    This is histoirc data for 2016/17 and earlier years. Later years are published separately. This dataset is not updated. Payments over £250 made by the London Fire Brigade (LFEPA) as part of the government and Mayor of London's transparency agenda. As of November 2012 the threshold for expenditure changed from £500 to £250 at request of the Mayor. The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 requires the data to indicate VAT for payments...