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Sense & the City – London Transport Museum

1 July 2011 – 31 March 2012

This summer a new exhibition about London opens at London Transport Museum – you could be part of it.

Sense & the City explores the powerful new forces that are shaping the way we live, work and travel in the city.  GPS, pervasive wireless, sensing, near field communication, multi touch surfaces, open data, smart phones and a blizzard of new Apps are combining to redefine our urban relationships.  Data visualisation is beginning to work with these digital riches to help us make deals, be sociable, navigate and network in powerful new ways. There is a wind of change in London – Sense & the City will harvest straws in that wind and test which of them have most significance for the future.

How can you help?  If you or your company has an App or a visualisation you’d like to showcase then please get in touch with us.  There are several sections to the exhibition but we’d particularly like help with an area with eight 32” touch screens for which we have designed a GUI fronting a Content Management System. We’re focusing on urban movement and connection. The topics we’re covering on the screens are:

.Re-seeing the city – The beautiful and instructive world of data visualisation
.Open data – What does the ‘democratisation’ of data mean? And how do we deal with privacy and protection concerns?
.Real time – How does real time information from the Capital’s systems change urban behaviour?
.Fluid payment – Contactless easy payment systems change much more than financial transactions
.Mobility – Will crowd sourced transport become real? What is the future for autonomous personal vehicles?  Is there a ‘cycling tipping point’ when machine powered vehicles naturally give way to human powered ones?
.Sociability – How is social media changing the way we use London?  How are new markets opening up?  Is the future of business more social?
.Navigational signage – Sensing and information carrying surfaces are changing the information provided to travellers – how far can this go?
.Blue Sky – How might we live, work and create in London of the Future?

The interface allows us to show a range of visualisations – we are focusing on movement systems and London.

How to get in touch
In the first instance email us with information about your work – pointing to your site, linking to Vimeo clips and any App store links. We are not definitely promising that you’ll be in the exhibition but we’d like to hear from you.  If we like what we see and it fits then we’ll be back in touch. Thank you! 

For any questions about the exhibition contact the Curator for the show Stephen Feber – at the Museum

For any technical questions abut the exhibition contact Charles Dodgson

London Transport Museum
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