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The Place Station

People living and working across the capital have fantastic ideas about how to transform their neighbourhoods through social enterprise, but often don’t know where to start when it comes to identifying the premises and support that they need.

Where can I find a space to try out my idea? How can I meet and talk to other likeminded people? Where can I find the professional and financial support I need to turn my idea into reality?

With the Government’s #opendata and #alphagov initiatives, finding out who owns the land and buildings in your area – so that you can narrow your search for suitable spaces – and who can help you should be getting easier.

However, public bodies (the London Datastore notwithstanding) are increasingly minded to publish individual data sets in an array of locations, or to restrict access to mapped data to conform with licensing restrictions. And, when data is released for public consumption, it tends not to be published in a format which is helpful to communities. For example, with the recent release of the Homes and Communities Agency’s land and property database, even if you have the time to decipher c.1700 entries, how do you know what land and buildings might be available for transfer to the community or for use by social enterprises?

Equally, where are there people who can help you to get your project off the ground? With fewer grants available for essential feasibility work, how do you undertake the professional work necessary to prove that your project is viable?

The Place Station is a new map-based web platform from Locality that helps people to find suitable land and buildings, collaborate and innovate, and find expert supporters to help transform neighbourhoods through social and community enterprise.
The platform can broker pro-bono and loss-leading support from property professionals to progress a range of asset-based community projects. Over time, it will provide a bank of replicable business ideas from social entrepreneurs. And, it is a place where people can search for like-minded individuals in response to a community call to action to kick-start activity.

How can you get involved?

We are looking for the following types of support to aid development of The Place Station:

  • Data – are you a public body holding data about the land and buildings you own and could transfer to stimulate social enterprise?
  • Ideas – do you have a fantastic idea that could transform your community and give others inspiration?
  • Professional Expertise – do you have professional skills that could benefit your local community? Are you looking for a new way to deliver your CSR and loss-leading activities?
  • Corporate Sponsorship – are you interested in promoting your social enterprise credentials, whether in discreet local areas or nationally?
  • Tech Development – do you know how to develop an app that could really help people bring to life the information held by The Place Station on the move?

Get In Touch!

If you would like to discuss your data holdings, social enterprise ideas, professional expertise, corporate sponsorship opportunities or tech development, please email

If you would like to add a place, idea or your offer of support to the platform, simply visit and register today.