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The Mayor of London The London Assembly



pdf download 2011 Census first results (CIS2012-01)
This report analyses London boroughs by age and sex

pdf download Download the Workday population document

A summary of the characteristics of the Workday population in London

Excel Datasheet Downloads

excel download Borough populations
An Excel file containing local authority single-year-of-age data

excel download Ward populations
An Excel file containing five-year age band data for wards in London. The file includes ONS Mid-Year Estimates and GLA population projection data as a comparison source

excel download Historic Census Tables
An Excel file containing data from 1961-2011 across a range of indicators

excel download Comparator data
Compares 2011 Census estimates to ONS Mid-Year Estimates and GLA projections for both usual residents & households

Visualisations & Tools

excel download QA datapack
Download the ONS Quality Assurance Data pack

excel download QA data tables
Also available, the ONS quality assurance data in an Excel file

pdf download QA Guidance note
An ONS guidance document explaining the quality assurance process

online tool Historical Population
Track London’s population since the first census in 1801

interactive map Population Pyramids
View a series of population pyramids which outline the age and sex structure of London boroughs

excel download Population Comparator Graph
An Excel-based tool which allows users to visualise a range of different sources of population estimates against the census

excel download Data and visualisations
An Excel dashboard containing household and communal establishment populations for local authorities and wards