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Spreadsheet Office for National Statistics (ONS) diversity
  • Updated 5 months ago

    Population by Religion, Borough

    Office for National Statistics (ONS)
    Table showing the numbers and percentage of resident population (all ages) broken down into six faiths, plus no religion and any other religion. Data is taken from the Annual Population Survey (ONS). The data covers: Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, any other religion and no religion at all. 95% Confidence Intervals are shown. Or alternatively, faith data from the 2011 Census is able to show numbers for each of the m...
  • Updated 5 months ago

    Ethnic Groups by Borough

    Office for National Statistics (ONS)
    Table showing ethnic group statistics by aggregated groupings. Categories covered: White - includes White British, Irish, Gypsy or Irish Traveller, and Other Black - includes Black African, Caribbean, and Other Asian - includes Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Other Mixed/Other - includes White and Black Caribbean, White and Asian, White and Black African, Other Mixed, Arab and any Other ethnicity not covered above. ...
  • Updated 3 years ago

    First Language Spoken at Home, Borough

    Office for National Statistics (ONS)
    Table of Numbers and proportion of adult population (16+) who speak English at home as their first language, by borough. Data is taken from the third quarter (July-Sep) Labour Force Survey. Language questions are asked once every three years (2006, 2009, 2012 etc). The question asked to all people aged 16 and over is What is your first language at home? 95% confidence intervals are provided. Denominator is 16+ population from ONS mid...
  • Updated 5 years ago

    Country of Birth (2001 Census) - Detailed, Borough

    Office for National Statistics (ONS)
    Detailed country of birth data from 2001 census Commissioned Table C0413. Data subject to a Country of Birth threshold of ten or more people in each area of residence. Cells in these tables have been randomly adjusted by ONS to avoid the release of confidential data. Users may also find of interest country of birth profiles from 2001 Census data, which uses data from Commissioned Table C0116. See more on the ONS website. - Excel...
  • Created 5 years ago

    Detailed Country of birth (2011 Census), Borough

    Office for National Statistics (ONS)
    Detailed Country of birth, by borough from the 2011 Census. Most detailed country of birth (274 countries), by borough. Data taken from 2011 Census Commissioned table CT0048 (ONS). Source: 2011 Census (27 March). File contains two tables of the same data with boroughs arranged down the side and along the top. Visualise the data in this Instant Atlas report.   Similar data to this at ward level is available in this census tool.