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    Consumption of Other Fuels, Borough

    Estimates of consumption of non gas, non electricity and non road transport fuels. (1) Includes consumption within industry and the energy sectors including oil refineries. (2)...
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    Electricity Consumption, Borough

    Electricity consumption by sector. Data for Middle Super Output Areas (MSOA) also available. Department for Environment and Climate Change are carrying out further analysis of...
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    Gas Consumption, Borough

    Gas consumption - Sales by sector. Numbers broken down into: domestic consumers, commercial and industrial consumers, all consumers and sales per consumer. Power station usage...
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    Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Borough

    Carbon Dioxide Emission Estimates. Local and Regional CO2 Emissions Estimates for 2005-2010 plus, subset data of CO2 emissions within the scope of influence of Local Authorities...
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    Areas that qualify for Carbon Saving Community Obligation (CSCo) support

    List of areas (LSOAs) that qualify for Carbon Saving Community Obligation (CSCo) support under the ECO element of the Green Deal. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is designed...
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    Total Energy Consumption, Borough

    Estimates of total final energy consumption by sector. Energy consumption from domestic, transport and industrial source broken down by key energy type (coal, gas, petroleum...
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