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  • Updated 3 months ago

    Homelessness Provision, Borough

    Local authorities' action under the homelessness provisions of the 1985 and 1996 Housing Acts (financial year). Homelessness provision made by local authorities in London, 2004/05 to 2014/15. Source: DCLG P1E Homelessness returns (quarterly) Households "Excludes cases for whom a duty was owed but no accommodation was being secure" are those accepted as owed a main duty, or awaiting a decision on their application, but able to remain i...
  • Updated 3 months ago

    Council Tax Charges - Bands, Borough

    Council Tax charges by band. The ratios of other bands to Band D are: A 6/9; B 7/9; C 8/9; E 11/9; F 13/9; G 15/9; H 18/9. External links:
  • Updated 4 months ago

    Local Authority Housing Stock

    Number of Local Authority dwellings. Figures in this table are unaudited by local authorities. Data before 2003/04 are more prone to errors as they were validated less rigorously. Where a local authority has become a Large Scale Voluntary Transfer (LSVT) authority it's stock would reduce to zero or a small number. The districts, unitary authorities and counties listed above are based on 1 April 1998 boundaries. Values related to any o...
  • Updated 6 months ago

    Average Band D Council Tax, Region

    Revised details of the level of council tax set by local authorities in England for 2012-13 were announced on 9 May 2012. Council tax can be measured in ‘Band D’ or in ‘per dwelling’ terms. Band D has historically been used as the standard for comparing council tax levels between and across local authorities, as this measure is not affected by the varying distribution of properties in bands that can be found across authorities. Additio...
  • Updated 6 months ago

    Ratio of House Prices to Earnings, Borough

    This table shows the average House Price/Earnings ratio, which is an important indicator of housing affordability. Ratios are calculated by dividing house price by the median earnings of a borough. The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) is based on a 1 per cent sample of employee jobs. Information on earnings and hours is obtained in confidence from employers. It does not cover the self-employed nor does it cover employees not ...
  • Updated 6 months ago

    Total Number of Dwellings and Net Additional Dwellings, Borough

    This spreadsheet contains: the total number of net additional dwellings from all sources, Total number of dwellings, and Average dwelling size (persons per dwelling)   Net additional dwellings includes conversions, change of use, and other reasons, minus demolitions and all dwellings estimates. The net additional data is by borough since 2004/05 and total dwellings estimate is since 2001. More information can be found on the CL...
  • Updated 7 months ago

    Registered Social Landlords Average Rents

    Amount charged by Registered Social Landlord (Private Registered Provider (PRP)) Average Weekly Rents for social housing. Data is collected by the Housing Corporation via the annual Regulatory and Statistical Return (RSR) based on general needs stock only. Figures are based on only the larger Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) completing the long form. Upto 2006 the threshold for completing the long form was that the RSL owned/ managed...
  • Updated 7 months ago

    Households on Local Authority Waiting List, Borough

    Number of households waiting for local authority housing. Local authorities sometimes maintain a common waiting list with the Housing Association/s in their district. However, no information is available where a Housing Association maintains a separate waiting list to the local authority. Direct comparisons between authorities' housing waiting lists can be misleading in particular because authorities have different arrangements for che...
  • Updated 7 months ago

    Local Authority Average Rents

    Amount charged weekly by Local Authorities for social housing. Rents data are based on the financial year. Stock figures used to estimate the average for each county, region and the nation are taken at 1st April of the following financial year. Average rents data between 2003/04 and 2007/08 inclusively is based on total stock figures from Housing Revenue Account (HRA) audited base claim form. Before 2003/04 the average rents data is ba...
  • Updated 8 months ago

    Registered Social Landlord Housing Stock

    Number of Registered Social Landlord dwellings. Note: from 2002 the figures in this table are not comparable to those in the main dwelling stock table because the stock figures from 2002 in this table include social rent bedspaces as well as social rent self-contained units; the main dwelling stock tables are based on self-contained units only. Data based on data collected by the Housing Corporation via the annual Regulatory and Statis...