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  • Updated 3 months ago

    Workforce Jobs

    Office for National Statistics (ONS)
    Workforce Jobs (WFJ) is a quarterly measure of the number of jobs in the UK and is the preferred measure of the change in jobs by industry. It is a compound source that draws on a range of employer surveys, household surveys and administrative sources. WFJ is the sum of employee jobs measured primarily by employer surveys, self-employment jobs from the Labour Force Survey, and government-supported trainees and Her Majesty's Forces from...
  • Updated 3 years ago

    Number of Businesses by Detailed Industry, 2, 3 and 4 Digit SIC

    Office for National Statistics (ONS)
    Estimates of total businesses broken down by industry (2, 3, 4 digit SIC 2007 codes and industry section). Workplace data units from Annual Business Inquiry (ABI) for London and Great Britain. Data rounded to the nearest 100. Percentages calculated on unrounded data. An extract compiled from the Inter Departmental Business Register (IDBR) recording the number of local units that were live at a reference date in March. Estimates can be...
  • Updated 3 years ago

    Workplace Employment by Industry, Borough

    Office for National Statistics (ONS)
    Employment (workplace) by industry from the Business register and employment survey (BRES). This data excludes self-employed but includes proprietors Employment = employees + working proprietors. Working Proprietors are sole traders, sole proprietors, partners and directors. This does not apply to registered charities. Numbers have all been rounded to the nearest 100 Before the BRES first existed in 2009, the ABI collected employment da...