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  • Updated a year ago

    GCSE Results by Borough (Old Grading System)

    Department for Education
    This dataset will no longer be updated. For the latest figures click here. GCSE and equivalent results in maintained schools by gender and location of school/educational institution up to the school year 2014/15. Also includes data by region by ethnic group, language, and free school meal (FSM) eligibility. This dataset contains data on GCSE results using the old A*-G grading system. This system has since been superceded by the new 1-...
  • Updated 4 years ago

    Daytime Population, Borough

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    Daytime population - The estimated number of people in a borough in the daytime during an average day, broken down by component sub-groups. The figures given are an average day during school term-time. No account has been made for seasonal variations, or for people who are usually in London (resident, at school or working), but are away visiting another place. Sources include the Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) (availab...