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Greater London
  • Updated 6 years ago

    Land and Property Owned or Occupied by LFEPA

    London Fire Brigade
    Details of land and property owned/occupied by LFEPA (London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority/London Fire Brigade) is available in the Land and Property Database, including whether freehold/leasehold interest, size of site/accommodation, use, address including postcode.
  • Updated a month ago

    Cumulative Impact Assessment of Welfare Reform in London

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    ...e tax and welfare system since 2010 on households in London, using analysis commissioned by the GLA City Intelligence Unit and delivered by Landman Economics. The analysis uses micro-simulation modelling techniques to assess the impact on household incomes in London of changes made to welfare, personal taxes and the introduction of the National Living Wage between May 2010 and October 2018. The impact of these reforms are assessed at t...
  • Updated 6 years ago

    State of the Environment report for London

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    ...e report also features many projects and schemes at a local level that have improved the environment in London in recent years. The report uses a series of indicators to illustrate the changes in the state of the environment within eight themes: Climate change, Flood risk, Water quality, Water resources, Waste, Air quality, noise and transport, Biodiversity, and Landscape and green infrastructure. The report was first published in 20...