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Public Health England Local Authority
  • Updated 4 years ago

    Public Health Outcomes Framework Indicators

    Public Health England
    This data originates from the Public Health Outcomes tool currently presents data for available indicators for upper tier local authority levels, collated by Public Health England (PHE). The data currently published here are the baselines for the Public Health Outcomes Framework, together with more recent data where these are available. The baseline period is 2010 or equivalent, unless these data are unavailable or not deemed to be of ...
  • Updated 4 years ago

    Children's Tooth Decay

    Public Health England
    Mean number of teeth, missing decayed or filled in 5 year-olds. Mean number of teeth per child sampled which were either actively decayed or had been filled or extracted. Data was only available at PCT level, and had to be apportioned to Local Authorities. This process can only be approximate where PCTs are not completely contained within Local Authorities. Data is missing for some areas, in London Greenwich and Bexley. http://fingert...