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Transport for London (TfL) tube-stations
  • Updated a month ago

    London Underground Performance Reports

    Transport for London (TfL)
    Transport For Londons's key London Underground performance measures (since May-11). The key measures of underground performance contained in the Excel spreadsheet are: Total operated kilometres, Total number of lost customer hours (LCH) (all causes), Average excess journey time, and Percentage of scheduled operated. More indicators are available from the TFL monthly performance data Almanac. Also available from TFL are a list of tube...
  • Updated 2 years ago

    TfL Rolling Origin and Destination Survey

    Transport for London (TfL)
    The Rolling O&D survey (RODS) is a rolling programme to capture information about journeys on the LUL network. Warning: It is important to note that these data are reconciled to November counts and represent the number of people travelling on a typical (or average) weekday. Therefore, year-on-year RODS fluctuations do not necessarily reflect whole-year annual demand changes. Furthermore, these data are adjusted to remove the effect of ...