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Business and Economy Borough
  • Created 4 years ago

    The Economics of London's Housing Market

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    Through reading this publication you will: • gain an understanding of how house prices are set in economics terms, how they are measured, and why the cost of housing matters for London’s economy and its residents • see whether incomes and earnings in London have kept pace with the costs of home ownership in London, and see how affordability may be affected by future changes in interest rates • find out about the drivers of demand for...
  • Updated 4 years ago

    Differences in Employment by Gender in London (Report)

    Census Information Scheme
    This report uses Census data as well as other sources to give an overview of the differences in employment and economic activity between males and females in London, looking in particular detail at: What kinds of jobs men and women tend to have Age variation The effect of having children Cultural variations Click here for a blog summarising some of the key findings from the report.
  • Updated 4 years ago

    Benefit Cap in London

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    More than 26,500 London households have had their total benefit payment capped since the benefit cap was introduced in April 2013. Nearly half (45 per cent) of all households in Great Britain that have received reduced amounts because of the cap on the total payable, up to February 2015, were in London. Nearly 90 per cent of households with one or two children whose payments have been capped lived in London, whereas only a few...