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Oyster card journey information

Created 4 years ago, updated 4 years ago

This dataset provides a 5% sample of all Oyster card journeys performed in a week during November 2009 on bus, Tube, DLR, TfL Rail and London Overground.

An Oyster card user must touch in at the start, and touch out at the end, of a journey by Tube or rail, in order to validate the journey. On buses and trams, users are required to touch in to validate their journey.

Some ideas

  • Create a visualisation of travel flows between all origin and destination points across the transport network
  • Estimate journey times based on the sample journeys, taking into account the time of day

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Column descriptions

  • downo - a number between 1 and 7, 1 being Sunday, 2 being Monday etc
  • daytype - Sun to Sat
  • SubSystem - the mode(s) of the journey. LUL - London Underground, NR - National Rail, LTB - London Buses, DLR- Docklands Light Railway, LRC - London Overground, TRAM - Croydon Tram
  • StartStn - Station the journey started at
  • EndStation - Station the journey ended at
  • EntTime - Entry time of the journey in minutes after midnight
  • EntTimeHHMM - Entry time in HH:MM text format
  • ExTime - Exit time of the journey in minutes after midnight
  • EXTimeHHMM - Exit time in HH:MM text format
  • ZVPPT - zones of Oyster Season ticket, if used
  • JNYTYP - Product types involved in the journey. PPY - Pure PAYG, TKT - Pure Oyster Season, MIXED - Combined PAYG and Oyster Season
  • DailyCapping - it shows as Y when PAYG journey was capped
  • FFare - Full PAYG Fare before any discounts
  • Dfare - PAYG Fare after usage based discounts
  • RouteID - The Route Number of the Bus, if a Bus has been boarded
  • FinalProduct - Combined Product Description used for journey